Social life in a village post office.

She was needing reassurance. “It’s ma first day out wi’out ma wig…ah got some wispy beets at yon back that need cuttin'”. She was assured that she and her natural elfin-style hair looked great.

….How long did it take to grow?… I asked.

….Aboot fayve weyks, ah haid a raight bald ‘ead wi bitty bits on before ‘at ….

Five weeks, that’s quick….says I.

Ma wig wer a beet beeger and fluffier laike, and I could wear yon beeg ‘oop earrings wi’ it. I had ter find sommut a beet smaller for ma ears … wi yon beeg ‘oops in ma ears wi’ out ma wig, I looked like a heilan’ kuh wi’ its tags on.



0 thoughts on “BLING – BOVINE STYLE

  1. Och aye, and it varies from place to place.

    It’s how the interchange took place and I have made every effort to reproduce it as close to how things were said. Not easy in writing.

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