Was it really the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night 14th May 2011. For some reason ‘bug’ came up as I typed that. That is very telling, (in a Freudian slip sort of way).

I was out last night and I didn’t miss a thing. From what little I have heard, there was nothing much to miss.

There are lots of new countries involved in competing and I would hate to spoil their fun. I do feel though that The Eurovision Song contest was bested by Abba a long time ago. Nothing since has come up to the mark.


0 thoughts on “BUG

  1. I grew up with the idea it was the most popular song which won. This was clearly wrong as proved over the last few years, it appears now that the largest pile of kak wins. This year it was camel kak apparently.

  2. I didn’t see the programme, but the clip I saw from Kazakhstan didn’t show any camels…that might have been worth seeing! One hump or two?

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