The Phone rings.


Can I speak to Ms Pollyana Smith?
says a male Scottish accented voice.

Whose calling?

Answered with speed…..??????Research.

Regarding what? …….It’s about Ms Smith’s Bank. May I speak to Ms Pollyana Smith?

Who did you say you were?

Centre Three Research…..I’ve never heard of you……He repeats he wants to speak to Ms Pollyana Smith about her bank.

…And the bank is?……I can’t tell you that, he says, till you confirm whether or not you are Ms Pollyana Smith.

How did you get this number? …..Again, I can’t tell you that unless you confirm you are Ms Pollyana Smith.

No, I will not confirm that. :lalala:

The phone is replaced on its stand.


0 thoughts on “… AND THE BANK IS?

  1. Well done. I usually say ‘I’m sorry but I must ask you some security questions first before I can answer yours.’
    The reply is usually, ‘We don’t do that.’

  2. Absolutely not Marika. I don’t take marketing or ‘research calls’ of any kind. This requirement is noted on my banking and business arrangements.

  3. Nice reversal of policy Tylluan. I might use it. 🙂 Most recent attempts at marketing and ‘research’ calls have usually elicited the name of the organisation the call is about, beforehand.

    However, as I have a policy of not accepting these calls, the callers get polite but short shrift.

  4. Without a doubt it is cheek. My number is not in a phone book so there are a few ways it would be obtained, accidental by calling consecutively a range of similar numbers being one. The others involve my personal details being given and that would be a cause for complaint, as I have noted on all business arrangements, no marketing calls from any source.

    I don’t take these calls in any shape or form. I like Tylluan’s suggestion.

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