We had visited the Trevi Fountains in Rome then wandered around the little streets nearby, momentarily stopping off for good Italian ice-creams,(yum) and to buy some black and white post-cards that were on display, for sprog’s Audrey Hepburn collection. These pictures of course, were La Hepburn pillion on a Vespa, or, perhaps a Lambretta, or looking elegant in some other setting.

Time, we thought, to go somewhere else. We walked aimlessly, arriving at some classic styled white steps that obviously arrived at a higher level than we were. We climbed them and at the top, found ourselves in a piazza, where, to the left of us was a decorative period mansion.

One or two policemen were casually walking around near the steps and in the piazza. I stopped one to ask in my best Italian, “Where are we please?”….quick as a flash the reply came…..”You are in Italy!



0 thoughts on “YOU ARE HERE ->

  1. Bene 🙂

    La mia risposta fu che quello sapevo, ma volevo sapere dov’éravamo nella citta.

    Guess what…we were at the Presidential Palace!!!

  2. Agreed 🙂 Though not the one I wanted.

    After chatting a few moments, the policemen told me we had entered the Presidential Piazza, that the decorative period mansion was the Presidential Palace. We had arrived, by co-incidence, just in time for the change of the military guard. It was a bit of a theatrical performance, with fanfare and music.

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