The desktop computer is going to travel about 450 miles to get a repair. Actually, what it will have is the slot DVD/CD drive completely replaced. I will have the DVD that is stuck in it returned to me. That is policy, I understand. The disk will be disposed of extremely quickly upon its return.

While the computer itself is usable, the sound of the optical drive motor clicking, whirring, trying to eject, interminably, becomes like a dripping tap in the night. It was really bothering me. I was also worried that the drive motor would get overheated and do something nasty to the system. 8|

I have never overused used slot DVD/CD drives (the type that are installed in laptops) for the reason that I am always concerned about the way a disk is grabbed into the slot, followed by what I thought was an irrational concern about it getting stuck. And another thought, what about the content of the recording being vitiated. Well, now my fears have been realised with a desktop computer that has a slot drive designed into it. 😡

Chatting to a relative about this state of affairs, I realise that all was not well, in all likelihood, for some time. I commented that the recordings of everything were very slow, a bit noisy, certainly slow by comparison to other systems I have used. The recording speed, if all had been well, would not have been 16X anyway, (I think Microsoft systems are programmed for it) it would have been a cautious 8X recording speed. That’s alright, I do not mind the 8X speed. Snails Olympic pace or equivalent, I do mind.

I have decided that in future, I shall work with an external tray design DVD/CD recording drive. I had two such tray design drives, which came as part of the system with my previous desktop computer’s box of tricks. They were sturdy drives and behaved as if they were virtually indestructible.



  1. I hope you’re not paying too much for that, I could do it for free. Really easy job really. Upgrading a PC is one of the easiest things to do so truly next time give me a bell. 🙂 Yes tray designs are far better to keep your discs alive too!

  2. Sounds a sensible decision all round. I do sympathise with the anxiety about a malfunctioning computer. Hope it is all sorted speedily!

  3. Jake you are so kind, thanks. What a lovely offer. I will bear your offer in mind for the future.

    Just now, apart from the disturbance with this iMac problem and the packing of it to go for repair, it is being done under manufacturers warranty. There’s no Apple outlet nearer than 200 miles from me. Because I live in an out of the way place, I took Apple Care out on the machine.

    Do you have any recommendations for a firewire external try optical drive for Mac? I have one recommendation, and have researched around the internet for other possibilities. I think as I have firewire, I should use it. One spec I read, talked about reading DVD’s but not CD’s. I would hope that any external drive would read both types of disk media if it records both.

  4. Relative tells me that the repair he had when his hard disk completely failed, under warranty fortunately,(as my repair will be) went well and took about ten days. In his case, he got an new upgraded hard drive, 500gb instead of the 320 that failed! I guess 320’s had rolled off the specification shelf, or the workshop did not have any HD’s of that capacity.

    I am currently researching external optical drives suitable for what I do and my computer. Meantime, I am using my laptop – glad I have it – and will only use its optical drive if I absolutely have to. At the moment, I definitely do not see a need. :no:

  5. Hi Shimon,

    It’s the first experience I’ve had of a slot optical drive on a desk top. I think they are a triumph of design over practicality. I do understand the compact portable needs of a laptop, but for a desk top…..? An external optical drive will have to be the way forward.

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