After an unplanned busy, ever so busy day, taking advantage of good dry weather at the weekend, we successfully sorted out over twenty years worth of boxes and packaging that were were in the foundation space of the house. The majority of it went to recycling. Five bags of carrier bags bubble wrap and some polystyrene chips went to a charity shop. The volunteer receiving the goodies did not seem to know what to make of it and nodded dumbly when I strongly suggested she did not unpack the bags. She took the very light bags then questioningly mumbled, (on auto pilot I suppose)” There aren’t any electricals in there are there“. I shook my head.

A few months back when I was on the hunt for carrier bags, I had no idea I was virtually sitting on a mountain of them. I kept a few of the stored ones back for my own household use. To my amazement, and in addition, there was such a large quantity of polystyrene chips, they left me scratching my head as to what to do with them all. We are left with a sack and a half, probably more than can be used for the remainder of my lifetime. 8|

Firm instructions were given that what we were keeping must be placed under the house where I can get relatively easy access to the bags. I am willing to bend head and risk knocking myself out on a concrete beam, but I will not attempt to crawl on all fours to some dark recess to obtain a bit of packaging. |-|

At the end of the afternoon, while there was still some sunshine, although temperatures had dropped, we did a bit of local sightseeing by car, completing the outing with a hotel stop for afternoon tea/coffee. We both fancied a scone and the waitress having checked they were still available, we were served with our drinks and we waited. A while later, still no sign of the scones, and with our drinks cooling, I asked another waitress, politely, about the scones. She returned to say that the scones would soon be with us, they were being specially made to order. Sure enough, shortly after, we were served with oven fresh baking with locally made jam and a generous pot of cream on each plate. How’s that for customer service!

Hubby was doing a repair yesterday and had mis-measured a small metal plate. He returned to the company who provided the plate and they immediately ‘turned to’ as he put it, while he was in the workshop and made him another plate to the revised measurement. More great service!




  1. Wow, I have never heard of scones being made to order … mmm, how wonderful, I can practically smell them.

    I wouldn’t know what to do with all those chips either … sounds like you tackled a good job there, Menhir.

  2. I’m still scratching my head over the poly chips. I’ll see what happens in the next round of multiple parcel making, and make a decision then about how much more to let go of. I have a sack or two of bubble wrap under the house and a bit more in the house that I have always kept for easy access, prior to finding the extra lot we’ve got. From now on, I won’t be keeping any torn bits that might come into their own….I do not need to be that abstemious with bubble wrap for a long time.

    We stopped off for a drink and cheese scones on our return home this afternoon at a different place. The lady in this tea shop had made five batches of cheese scones today and had been asked by her co-workers if she would make more for the weekend when they were on duty. I guess they will be frozen and defrosted as required. Scones do freeze okay. I bought two extra ones to take home. They were really good scones still on the cooling wire trays. They were very fresh and cooled off, suitable for wrapping up.

  3. I love scones and my mouth is watering at the thought.

    Chips and bubble wrap might be appreciated by charity shops, if there are any in your neck of the woods, for wrapping china and glassware.

  4. A pile of chips and some bags of bubble wrap have already gone to my favoured charity shop, together with loads of carrier bags. The shop may yet get more.

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