On our journey to Aberdeen we stopped at Dyce, just outside the city, to have a soup and a drink. I haven’t visited this watering hole for years. I had a flash-back vision of the delightfully bright and well laid out kitchen shop, quality clothing corner and a pleasant cafeteria with tasteful pictures by various artists for sale.

What greeted us was a shadow of what had been. The kitchen ware was on sale, even so, it was very expensive. The same things can be purchased more economically. The quality clothing corner was a mix of styles with no particular theme to attract customers; was it country clothing, was it fashion wear? It was a muddle to walk through. As for the cafe, it was very tired, it needed an overhaul. The soup and roll were not much better. There were lots of framed photographs around the wall, again on sale. There was nothing distinctive. It all looked drab. I do not think we will stop there again.

In Aberdeen City Centre, a place we do not visit often, we saw an increased range of ethnic eating choices. I remember very many years ago walking down Union Street and picking up the strong aroma of kebabs. I was like the ‘Ah Bisto’ advertisement, following the wonderful smell till I found its take-away source. Today the source of that erstwhile pleasure is nondescript, the quality and attractiveness has gone. It has lost its forceful aromatic connection. Another kebab take-away, where you could eat in, was far superior and we were royally looked after by the two staff working there. “We do not have many couples come in to eat” we were told. Believe that if you will. For the quality of the food and the customer care, we would return if we were there again, in the near future.

It is sad to see the changes such as the two places mentioned have undergone, if not run down then, they are letting their standards drop. They are in a rut. The upside was finding the new contender and enjoying what was on offer.


0 thoughts on “CHANGE LOSS AND FIND

  1. That is a sad tale menhir perhaps the owners are getting old or have lost interest perhaps its a pity I recently spent time in a hotel in Bournemouth and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food so some standards have definitely gone up thankfully 🙂

  2. The original kebab take-away is still owned by the original company but staff have changed and with it, their ability to make the customer happy, cook well, and maintain a reasonable standard of service, has seriously diluted. Pity, as you say.

    The company have a restaurant in Aberdeen which does well, and we found a meeting place with the same name in a leafy back street. Perhaps all the effort goes into those two outlets.

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