Expressing genuine incredulity… more pearls slipping forth from the mouth of Junior.

“Mum it is incredible you experienced the 60’s the first time round!”



0 thoughts on “YOU REALLY DID THAT!!

  1. High fives pal!! 🙂

    The 60’s were so evolutionary, we did not fully realise the levels of social and political history that were being made around us, even that we were part of the making. Yup it was an amazing period.

    People living through the ‘Arab Spring’ could look back with similar thoughts.

  2. I think that what they mean is that everyone was so drugged out that all they remember is a pink haze… but I have a few memories that survived…

  3. Heavens above, I was never drugged out in the 1960’s. Some people were, but many people were not. Lots of people led every day lives for the time and enjoyed some of the pleasures of dress and design, the cinema, big band dance halls and clubs, if they could afford to. Women started to drive cars. Travel of various sorts became more commonplace.

    The 1960’s were a revolutionary and evolutionary period of modern history in the West.

    I sincerely hope my offspring was referring only to the [19] 60’s and not the 1860’s as a possibility as well! 🙄

  4. I presume, with Shimon, that as the 60s were infamous for their experimentation with LSD etc, it is assumed that most of us were off our heads most of the time and therefore now suffer collective amnesia! I must say though, drugs were not much in evidence in my time as a student.

  5. Like today, what is infamous was and is, with a visible minority, which is why it was infamous. I was not off my head, nor did I experiment with LSD or flower power. I knew one or two people who tried LSD just once, dabbled with a smoke of hash at a party (never alone)and that was it. They did not become addicts. My guess is the regular drug taking was no more in percentage terms, than had been dabbled with in previous decades, for those who had access to money. Many an artist in the past used drugs, people drank in excess and the use of tobacco was extant. Plus ca change.

    The 60’s was notable for for so much more than drugs; the time was socially revolutionary,scientifically and technologically developmental, artistic clever, and gave freedoms where there had been none. There were global student riots that eventually added to our understanding of social inequality. Tariq Ali was considered a subversive of the time. He is now sought out for analysis and expert knowledge. People died at the hands of authority for us to gain improvements in legal rights. World travel opened up.

    Are the people who only refer to a drugs scene, so bereft of other knowledge of where many of today’s social freedoms and benefits derive. If so, it is sad.

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