Why do stores site the most unsuitable staff on Customer services and the fresh food counter? At the fresh food counter there are two people who work at different times, who massacre anything that requires cutting. When they are working I dread what may happen to a piece of cheese I might want.

I would like to make a customer request” I said. The lad at Customer Services was a nice enough young man who really did not understand for the best part of ten minutes that I actually wanted to physically write a request on a card. Instead, he had to go through the stock list on the store’s computer, (not knowing how to spell the name of the product) eventually then, to tell me what I already knew. I could feel my sense of annoyance awakening, so I took a deep breath and breathed out, slowly.

Customers order boxes when they want to order items…really?…..You know, like we get into the store for ourselves. Excuse me, this is something you did stock, does the other store have it?…….I can’t get into their system. Look, (me becoming assertive) I want to make a request for the store to bring it back into stock, please give me a customer request.:##

Hallelujah! I get the pad with tear off cards and am offered a pen to write with. The queue that has built up behind with people wanting cigarettes and lottery tickets starts to move as I begin to make my written request.

Recently, I was fobbed off about three stock items for the fresh food counter. A chat with the section manager in earshot of store manager rectified that situation very quickly. Can I follow up that success? I can have a good try. If I make enough requests for things I want, you never know, I might be successful.




  1. Sainsburys stopped selling ouzo. I wrote to them about it, as I wanted to buy some more from them, and was told it was no longer stocked because there was no demand for it.

    I don’t shop there any more.

  2. Tesco haven’t trained their fishmongers to fillet a fish. They chop the head off, leaving the bones from the pectrosl fin dangling, that leaves a bitter taste unless you chop them off yourself at home. Then they hack the tail off instead of slicing down to it, then they slice through the ribcage leaving two 4 ounce fillets from a 2lb fish. You are of course charged for the weight of fish pre-filleted…! Bottom line is, they couldn’t fillet a bar of chocolate with the wrapper off.
    Ther are tonnes of inconsistencies, rubber gloves, sometimes used, sometimes not especially on cooked meat. Even the rough and ready market traders in Barnsley market use disposable gloves. I ain’t gonna even start to talk about what they do with the dishcloths….

  3. I don’t have a range of choices, I cannot go anywhere else except to a store 20 miles away, the one where young lad couldn’t access the stock list.

    It’s a satisfying thought though!

  4. Where I live, the stores daren’t not fillet fish properly, they’d soon have a cavalcade of experts telling the management exactly what to do, where to do it and where to put it!!!

    Gloves are not much of an issue here, the staff aren’t trained to cut things properly. Hand-washing is done in the big store, which is some distance away, can’t say I’ve noticed too much of it in the small one. But then, as I said, there isn’t too much cutting to order going on.

    Barnsley Market in the old days, was a great fruit and veg market and prizewinning pork pies were sold there too.

  5. Good luck with the requests, it is irritating when your supermarket ceases to stock something that you like – it’s happened to me recently with a particular brand of Cottage cheese 😦

  6. that Mira, is my intention. To have to get Bulgar Wheat sent long distance a few packets at a time, is ridiculous.

    The lad eventually admitted he needed some assistance with spelling, giving me a lot of blurby rubbish before that. I shall keep raising the issue.

  7. It’s a blasted nuisance Marika…nicest form of expletive you’ll notice….the supermarkets play this yo-yo game incessantly according to sales figures, either locally or regionally. Someone once said that Lidl’s treat the whole of the U.K as one region.

    Clever, ain’t it. NOT :>>

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