I enjoy people watching; without fail something of interest arises. Today was no exception. Two Welsh ladies,(the accents were immediately recognisable) who were tourists, were in a small cafe. One busied herself with her requirements and took semi-control of the other lady who had need of a walking stick. They were such different personalities; the moment the ‘busy’ one was asked if the two of them were together by the counter assistant, a firm loud ‘no’ confirmed their status. The woman quickly separated herself and scuttled to a table, which she settled at.

The other lady, a quiet sweet-mannered person, did need assistance, so I gave it, both with relating back prices, (she said she had two hearing aids) and carrying her tray. It seemed to me, this sweet soul wished to have space of her own. The lady’s hesitation at where she might sit was her undoing. The first woman half stood to tell me very loudly they were staying in the same hotel, therefore, they would sit together. The two ladies were Welsh language speakers. One spoke Welsh like a song, the other was coarse.

They got up to leave as I did.

We’re Welsh, said the loud one… have you been to Wales?
Yes…. I replied.
Where did you go? I listed a few places.
That’s different…….and continuing at a higher pitch than before she stated….
most people here don’t know where Wales is!

As I closed the cafe door, I looked at the three members of staff, two of whom were grinning, and if looks were anything to go by, the third one was ready to toss the caber and give her best shot!




  1. Thank you Shimon.

    It used to be great fun being on a London Bus or on an underground train. These days, those two modes of transport get littered with people isolating themselves with there ears plugged in to MP3 players that leak discordant and tinny levels of noise with which they are bombarding their ears.

  2. In more than one way, it was perplexing, because disconnection, a shutting out from other people was occurring. The loud speaking woman was not the only visitor from the same hotel in the cafe. A bigger sociable group of ‘others’ were enjoying their refreshment together, by placing tables in proximity to one another.

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