Really! What is the point of inviting people to a blog if there is nothing on it except a banner and a message saying “coming soon”. You may as well put a note on the door telling everyone you are out and might be back later. And as an added extra, ‘Be my guest and hang around’. :>>

Then there’s the name. Everyone is different in what attracts, (just as well) but anything that suggests doom and gloom does not fill me with delight; trepidation more like.

What to do now: should I wait and see or pass up the offer?


0 thoughts on “WHY BOTHER!

  1. I still could do that Walrus, I haven’t yet deleted the invitation. Just one little aspect stops me from more widely advertising the link on my own postings, and that is I am not inclined to give free publicity to it.

    If you are still desirous of fulfilling your notoriety and giving reward, negative or otherwise to the empty space, please tell me and I’ll do a PM

  2. Hi Lilian,

    That’s it, I am not intrigued, I am mildly irritated with the arrogance offered.

    I’ll wait and see what I feel once the irritation has subsided.

  3. Hi Shimon,

    As I mentioned to Lilian, once my mild irritation has passed, I shall decide. So, for the moment, the invitation remains unanswered. I may do as you suggest.

  4. Dear me, am I really notorious? Gosh. How very sobering… oh, hang on. I am sober. And not even needing pain-killers today. I think I’ll pass on the opportunity to put stupid comments on an empty blog, and when it turns out to be spam, I’ll just flag it and move on.

  5. What’s the point ?
    This particular invite got you to write a post and me and others to comment :))

    Night night …. be careful out there πŸ˜‰


  6. Hi Mira,

    You have a point!

    Caution is the name of the game, till we know better, if we do. Meantime if the unwritten blogger attempts more invitations, a number of people will be alerted. I hope they will not jump in.


  7. Hi Garden Girl,

    I’m not bothering….the empty sites are often luring the unsuspecting into giving their site links for spamming.

    thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚

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