I haven’t ordered anything from these people for a long time, so, why did I receive a package from them this week? The only way to find out what was going on was to open the padded envelope. When I saw the book inside with order details, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

In November 2010 – nearly seven months ago – I ordered the book as a Christmas gift for a young relative. The book would be forwarded to me, I was informed, when it was received in stock; I promptly forgot about the order. The relative got something else.

It is already too late for a birthday present this year. It is not ideal for the older sibling. I will have to put on my thinking cap.




  1. Good gracious, you won’t be ordering from that particular supplier again, I guess! My problem is that I get terribly organised and buy presents early, put them away and, you’ve guessed it, promptly forget that I’ve got them, and go and buy something else. Then I have to work out what to do with the one I already have – let us know how you solve that predicament!

  2. The supplier is actually worthwhile supporting. If I hadn’t forgotten about this book, (others did arrive at the expected time) I could have requested that part of the order to be withdrawn.

    GillyK I have solved your predicament. Like you, I do gift buying as and when I see things throughout the year. Seeing a friend take out a notebook with jottings of what she had stored gave me the idea. I make a table it works well. I date each table, and have kept at least three years of table records, which are most helpful in ensuring I do not repeat gift ideas to individuals. It can happen. As I do computer back ups (must do another one tonight) I can retrieve my records if there’s a computer disaster.

    As for the book, I shall add it to the floating gift list, (it’s under the table) and decide which way it should go.

  3. Thank you Menhir. I had to look up the word, because I didn’t know it… but now I imagine that there are a lot of young people who might enjoy the book. Seems like a good present to me.

  4. If you prefer, the same idea can be translated into a spreadsheet. Another friend did that instead because she wanted to keep track of what she spent and in particular on the kids, ensuring that the spend was even. I am quite happy with my tables.

  5. Current language terminology cannot be easy to engage with.

    The ‘ology’ came from a range of advertisements some years ago that a rather good comedic actress undertook (Maureen Lipman). The ‘ology’ came into language currency when, a high school student grandson, in the advertisement, obviously was not going to be a doctor, or scientist, but, he did achieve a low pass in a high school exam in sociology. Grandma places an icing scroll on a premature celebration cake and says, “That’s good, you got an ology”.

    And a Boffin….you know what one of those is.

  6. Actually, the ‘ology’ was clear to me. The word I didn’t know was Boffin. But I have since learned what it is and the history of the word. Thank you menhir.

  7. I may end up with a scrappy list handwritten on a piece of paper in my handbag … which will then get thrown out next time I am clearing out my bag in a hurry … then I will have to start all over again 😉

  8. Having our day-off trip to Oxfam today, to look for books and piano sheet music, I happened to notice that Hub is working off columns of lists, both of the whodunits he already has and also the music! Ah well, at least one of us is organised 😉

  9. Sounds fairly organised. Is this filtering done with a computer print out or a notebook?

    Hubby (here) has a spreadsheet for his collected books and for good measure, keeps a card index. The systems were started simultaneously and having both, paid off when a laptop computer died. It was resuscitated giving time for copies of the spreadsheet to to taken. The guy who performed the miracle also took an image of the contents of the hard disk, giving double back-up.

  10. At the time of failure and recovery, keeping in touch with the technician was the overall feeling. Now that period has passed, backups are regularly made as the way forward and of course, the card indexing continues.

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