It was really nice of this team to write to me and in pidgin too. At least this way I can read their notification and gauge all the nuances that underly it. There was a link contained within the email which, of course, anyone would chomp at the bit to deal with, wouldn’t they.

In the circumstances I thought I would share this super[ficial] little email notification with lots of people so that they could spend as little time as possible figuring out the message contents and so that everyone who does see it, maybe even receive one of the same notes, can consign it to where it belongs. IT BELONGS WELL AND TRULY REPORTED AS PHISHING SPAM AND DELETED.

“Your login Notification

Dear aalabels Customer,

As part of ensuring privacy of our customers login information, we, AA-Labels, has changed the password credential in our database in encrypted form. This means that you should be able to login with your current Login ID and Password but your password in our database will be stored in encrypted (undecryptbable form). In case of any login failure, you can reset your password by using “Forgot Password’ option.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at or [phone number last 3 digits] 390

Kind regards,
The AA Labels team”


0 thoughts on “THIS IS NOT AA IT IS… aa, IF NOT, THEN WHAT?

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter these days if you can or can’t spell, and the longer it is allowed to go on, the lower the UK will sink. Oh, and I’ve been reading about menhirs, we’re both fascinated by the stone circles and standing stones and fancy going to Bretagne to have a look at the big rows.

  2. I’m not even sure I am a customer of said labels, be they, ‘aa’ or ‘AA’ or any other variation thereof. I’m certainly not in a rush to find out one way or the other. I sincerely hope no-one does.

    (I edited down the contact address and phone number out of necessity).

    Thanks for your comment Shimon.

  3. I think that what I enjoyed was the ‘sheer cheek’ of this spam… which was so appealing because of the spelling, and grammar of the ad. I actually keep a small collection of the most outrageous spam I find, because it is amusing in my eyes. As to the aa, I remember that long before the emergence of the internet, and I always thought that it was an attempt to reach the first place in the yellow pages of the telephone book.

  4. Irritation is all that ought to be compounded from a remote stance, GillyK. Anything else might be unanswerable.

    I trust that anyone getting one of these emails, or similar, from elsewhere, is savvy enough to deal with it/them as it/they should be.

  5. Good for you… the Menhirs are at Carnac.

    We have a variety where I live, including a big formation which is unique.

    There’s no guarantee Mick that the email came from within the UK. The Chinese, Russians, certain offices in African states and some others bombard people. It all has to get to a certain pitch before global action is taken to close places from which these things are generated. What happens, they open up again somewhere else in the world.

    A spam mobile text I kept receiving with an 0870 number (a UK number) was actually based in France. Answer that and the poor recipient of the text paid handsomely for doing so.

  6. Some other people have connected with the poor spelling and grammar, too. It was a cheeky one. I did hear of other people collecting daft and outrageous written attempts at spamming etc.

    There is a theory, probably justified, that using AA and aa does get you at the top of the advertising lists, especially in business directories like either the White or Yellow pages. As to whether it would work without a chunk of money changing hands for being on a first page of something like Google, is highly unlikely.

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