My appointment card had written on it, as clearly as anything, Thursday 22nd July at 3pm. It was better, I decided, to forget the day, it was bound to be a mistake, after all the appointment was made a couple of months ago. Anyway, Friday the 22nd July 2011, is today. Off I toddled the twenty miles to keep the appointment.

There’s a receptionist for the evenings but not day time. When the therapist is busy, there is a notice on the door telling you so. I was five minutes early. I sat and waited patiently in the car for the salon door to open. I let ten minutes extra go by. I read my book. By the quarter hour I was a bit concerned. A few minutes more and I phoned and left a message. For good measure, I wrote a note and posted it through the salon letter box.

Having completed my grocery shopping in the supermarket,(a larger one than ours) I started on the drive home. My cell phone rang just as I reached a tricky bit on the road. I parked the car, (I will not take or make calls if actually driving). “I don’t have you in my book for an appointment today“, said the therapist, equally as puzzled as I had been, and now I was puzzled even more.

Tonight, I checked my diary and all the current appointment cards I have. Do you keep business cards, as I do? They are always handy to have for obtaining the contact details for the enterprise you want. Just one problem arises, I have found, when the business card is also an appointment card. On checking the 2010 Calendar, I discovered that July 22nd was on a Thursday last year. Need I say more!

U-( 😳



  1. Me and my mate once turned up dressed as a nurses (fancy dress) at a large hall where they do medieval banquets, 26 miles across the city from our area. Wrong week!! Stilletoes, mascara, wigs and false boob et al, we got rat-arsed in a local pub and rode the ribald comments manfully. Taxi back, hoping nobody noticed but word got out.

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