There is no place for institutionalised pedophilia. There should never be. I will offend some people, no doubt. I trust that right-thinking people will not be offended and will support my view and that of countless others. I highly applaud Enda Kenny the Irish prime Minister for his straight-speaking to the Catholic hierarchy on the subject of the systematic… “abuse and torture of children” by the Catholic Church. The abuse of children in all kinds of disgusting ways has gone on too long under the long black cloak of tacit support of the Papacy and its representatives. It has been further compounded in the guise of the sanctity of the priestly confessional. When will that element be un-knitted? Until this weak area is dealt with, there will be continuing protection for abusers. There is no clear leadership from the Vatican nor its senior clergy on preventing the abuse of children by its own ministry. They provide a continuing defence for their structural inadequacies and criminality

There have been too many cover-ups of unacceptable institutionalised structures and behaviours. The media has been the latest institution, where we have witnessed the media taking freely unto itself the right to hack victims phones, be the victims dead or alive, be they celebrities, or, you and me and our families. The media barons have always had power without responsibility. The present unpacking of it, shows a broader and deeper power than some suspected, few appreciated and the majority had no knowledge of.

Notwithstanding the fresh outcries of current gross abuses of trust and power, there is still the outstanding, currently unresolved, Steven Lawrence case and the institutionalised racism demonstrated by the Police in the handling of his murder. This matter still rumbles on.

What kind of society have we mired ourselves in, allowed ourselves to be manipulated into? The Police at the highest levels, have shown at best lack of judgement, at worst, institutionalised racism and corruption. Our Parliamentarians have not performed any better and it has suited them to let things ride. Do we get the Press that we want and deserve, or have we got a media that has manipulative, controlling, corrupt structures, to suit their needs? If that is so, they have taken power we did not give them that they did not have any right to take. Can we say did not notice? If we did notice,I would say, as small cogs in the machine, we were disempowered and therefore,individually rendered powerless.

Now the The Catholic Church is being confronted with its criminality in the strongest terms. We are witnessing some fracturing of the power of the media. British politicians are cautiously tip-toeing around a media circus ‘crime-scene’ one from which some of them have derived great benefit. In a few cases politicians have been victims of media telephone hacking and blagging. Senior police officers are also in a very uncomfortable place.

As quoted on the 30th April 2011 by lawyer David Pascoe “JUSTICE HAS NO TIME LIMIT”,(source: Birmingham N. Post & Courier 1st May 2011). And neither should it.


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