A few desultory clicks around the tabs of Blog UK revealed some other goings on that have almost passed me by. Photos; Specials; Blog Forever.

What was that? Blog forever. With the best will in the world I could not promise anyone to be able to be immortal and tap out the pearls that fall from my grey cells on a regular basis. :yawn:

Read on.

Oh, right, that makes it easier to give more than a passing nod to immortality; it’s one of those projects to save and archive blogs of the world. That gives us all lots to cogitate on. Isn’t there something called Google that already offers to archive everything anyone has ever done on Google, etc. forever, however long that is?

The ‘Photos’ tab is fairly obvious, though I cannot be sure they are all photos of the day. The layout is vastly improved since the last time I looked at anything to guide a seeker to uploaded and posted photos

Last, the ‘Specials’ tell you to ‘absenden’. :wave: You could enjoy lots of free, (for now) trial products, which, no doubt will get you onto all sorts of commercial e-mailing lists till kingdom come. You could test and survey the products and write a review BLOG upon your findings.



  1. Interestingly on this subject (for me, at any rate) is the discovery that when I returned recently to a google group I started when living in Romania, I found a message from Google telling me that they would keep it until the end of August and then they would delete it. So much for immortality … 😉

  2. Immortality, in Google terms and also I think, any projects suggested for keeping blogs (all of them!) is commodifying immortality in various ways. A large subject to think about in its own right. :crazy:

    Was your Google group a blog or a contact group?

  3. ‘The Specials’ tab may not be on your blog site, Bushka, because you are pro. Blog gets a subscription from you already.

    I notice that regular bloggers still includes those who are not, and in one instance, includes someone I know who does their thing elsewhere, and has done so for about two years.

  4. Perhaps Google are doing a data cleanse from their side, letting you know this, thereby giving you the opportunity to let it go or keep the contact group.

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