The journey to the regional agricultural show was dire. It’s ‘interesting’ enough that we have to cope with sea haar when it descends upon us, however, today, it was low visibility in long stretches of very low lying cloud. When we ascended we were into clear visibility and apart from lots of different kinds of traffic on two-way roads, (it would be so much safer to have dual carriageway) the cloud was an extra long-lasting hazard. It was a tiresome journey.

By the time we were close to destination, about 11am, I was fascinated to see various staked notices leading towards a church, one invited you not for evensong, but, ‘even coffee’. Bar the fact that we were in a guided motorcade by this time, I might have stopped, even!

It couldn’t have been wetter today. My poncho did a sterling job but was overworked. The the show tents were busy. They were a great place to escape from the constant downpour. Every time I put back my hood, the rain started up. I gave up and left it where it was, safely on my head. A number of people enviously eyed my poncho and one person without even a jacket, asked where I’d bought it, thinking I might have found it at the show.

Our farming neighbours obtained championship accolades for their sheep.


The lady farmer pointed out to me the overall champion was the one who normally stopped and talked to me through the chain link fence. She can get most demanding of communication if I am slow to respond. Today though, she had done her bit and wanted to rest on her laurels.

P1000983-Overall-Champion-Angus'-farm Wb

Young black Dougal with his mum. He was born on Hogmanay,(31st December 2010).

P1000411 Young Dougal 2

Look at Dougal now, at eight months old. Dougal came away with a respectable 2nd place. He’s the Suffolk lamb I mentioned before, who is already twice the size of the farmer’s previous champion Suffolk lamb of August 2010.


I noticed the young lad bounding up to another Suffolk Lamb. The lamb almost jumped the fence as he became aware of him. They greeted each other like long lost friends.




  1. those are very solid-looking sheep, Menhir – and what a lovely picture of the boy and the lamb – some kind of connection there!

    Did you mean to write ‘sea haar’ – is it a Viking word … or has the gremlin in your machine been at it again???

  2. :)) :))

    Automatically Embroidered next on the cards Mick…

    You should have seen some of the colours of coats, the English Mustard yellow was the biggest eyesore and the antique pink was a bit of a surprise, though easier to gaze at. My preference for show colours lies with the off white/beige. Accidental orange sometimes comes into view.

    There was a beer and refreshment tent for everyone including families, but the queues were impossible. Most of the local and regional shows are family affairs and very good natured.

  3. Hi Shimon,

    Last year, 2010, at this show was better, though we had showers, there were long periods of sunshine in-between. I did take pictures of cattle and other elements last year.

    Four hours was enough, wading through muddy grounds and getting thoroughly wet this year. The humidity levels were high, which was not helpful for the animals.

    The 90 miles journey home late afternoon was not a lot better than the outward bound journey in the morning. I was delighted that the neighbours, (the farmers) did so well.

  4. Bien sur, ce ci une place de montrer votre excellence et a meme temps, avoir une fete. En le trouve comme avec les carouselle etc, dans les plus grandes ‘salons’

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