I decided to take the plunge. There has been the worthwhile remains of a money voucher waiting for some months to be used. Because of the type of voucher it was, winnings, it had to be used up in a year. It’s now close to that time. I had not, in truth, given the voucher much thought, however, it flashed into consciousness and I made a flash decision about what to use the voucher for. I have ordered a Kindle e-reader, (not the 3G model) together with a bright pink leather cover. It’s not that I am smitten with bright pink, I quite like the colour for certain uses; it is just that the colour of the cover will avoid confusion in the household.

My reasoning for getting an e-reader was, that I want to cut down carrying weight when I go out. Often there is time to read while waiting for someone to arrive at a meeting place. The weight issue can apply to distance travelling too. Occasionally, I travel with a laptop, though I have not taken it abroad, yet. The ubiquitous internet cafés have generally met my needs.

Believe it or not, I dislike reading articles from a computer screen, though there are times when it is inescapable. I hate reading from a 13″ laptop. Even with its clever gizmos and capacities, I could not justify the cost of an iPad, or similar, from which, reading would be like reading from any other visual display unit. Being unsure about its viability, I held back from the idea of using an e-reader.

The computer and e-reading technologies are different and e-reading is less likely to strain the eye, in fact, from what I have seen, the screens are very gentle to read from. Unlike one relative, I am not thinking about a lightweight bed time reading machine to rest on the cat!

I’m expecting delivery of the e-reader in about six days. Meantime, I am still turning real paper pages in my real books, which are not going to relegated to second division. I see the e-reader as a modern supplementary tool to facilitate my enjoyment of reading, a tool I shall have to learn to play with. I have not decided yet what my first book order will be.


0 thoughts on “E-READING WITH THE CAT

  1. For someone who does not have patience for learning new technology, you do rather well with the computer, Marika.

    I am hoping I get good use out of the reader. If hubby can work with a reader, I am sure I can get to grips with it.

  2. Hub is very pleased with his, as you know, Menhir. Like you, he uses it as a supplementary to real books. I hope you enjoy yours, and the pink cover is an excellent idea! I see Amazon have 20% off theirs at present.

  3. One certainly misses that ‘feel and smell’ of the book….but ‘kindle’ has advantages…
    The ‘Lady’ of the household as one…
    I have the PC Version on my Lappie…and My Notebook…. 😉

  4. I have not purchased one of Amazon’s highly priced covers, expensive even with a discount of 20%. There’s a firm called Duragadget, ( I think that’s the name, from recent memory) who do practical sturdy covers much more economically.

    Hubby’s one came into its own when he was laid up during the Winter, it’s less in use at the moment. I think Rudyard Kipling’s more obscure works are now fully read. For research, with the particular interests he has, hubby still seeks books. It’s likely the books he would want are not available to download on the e-reader anyway.

    I’ve just been notified how to install a book or two, and you know what, I am stumped as to what to select. I guess a brainwave will arrive with the next ‘bus’.

  5. Wouldn’t you just know it … half a world of books to choose from, and inspiration fails! I look forward to hearing the next instalment … when that bus arrives.

  6. There are some free books for this e-reader, (for many of the others too I believe) mostly they are out of copyright and are classics. I have made a point of catching up on a large number of classics and am finishing a Mrs Gaskell book at the moment.

    Given the present state of affairs, and thinking about the books that are waiting to be read or completed, I have opted for a classic author I have not yet explored, Oscar Wilde, The Picture Of Dorian Gray. I requested a ‘dip inside’ read of another. It will be on the machine when it arrives with the other requests. So as not to be too mean, I bought and paid for an e-book. The title is something like Mao’s Long Famine. I was able to peep into it from the hardback lists, it seemed readable. Often tomes written by professors are not. We shall wait and see now, how the alternative read develops.

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