The news of riots that are spreading in and around London is of great concern. There appears to be little doubt that there are criminal elements bandwaggoning onto a sorry situation.

I have been checking on the well-being of family who are within reach of the extending boundaries of the outbreaks. Their own high street has been closed off. Signs of theft and attempted theft are evident.

Mischievous communications through the chatter-spheres are adding to the difficulties of collecting good intelligence and policing community safety. When my relatives were in the centre of London yesterday, Tweets were circulating that incidents were occurring where my relatives were actually walking with lots of other peaceful shoppers and visitors to The Capital City.

It would not surprise me if the media were irresponsibly assisting in the maintenance of the disturbances by using the chatter-spheres to spread news lines. Freedom of the press should go hand-in-hand with social responsibility and the maintenance of a moral compass. My guess is, the definition of what that means, becomes rather mobile and fuzzy. It is a difficult line to tread when there are abuses of power, such as we have seen in various decades in our democracies. It may be a case of Who dares [to walk the line] wins! Basic morality though, in the current unrest is losing out.



  1. Its a shocking thing what is happening in London 😦 there is no excuse for the destruction of our lovely city people had peaceful demostrations for the young man and it was literally taken over by opportunitists 🙄 people blame the social media but because I am on twitter it was heart warming to see they were looking for people to help come and clean up the streets 🙂

  2. Blaming twitter is not the answer. It is the use of communication that has become the new arming. Blackberry messaging is encrypted and at the moment this is an issue for blocking intelligence for stopping or subverting the disorder. Blackberry privacy is invaluable but abuse will make it an issue and hit innocent use.

  3. Many people do not understand what kind of disorder it is Nadinemook. It is not to do with the shooting of a citizen by police. It is opportunistic, Greed-based, and criminal and is being hijacked by subversive groups. It is not signified by any particular grouping of society (yet) and certainly, not by race (until some newspapers begin whipping up the aggravation).

  4. There is certainly a strong element of hooliganism, together with, larcenists, arsonists, and subversive groups. It does not help that the police have behaved as if they are leaderless within their own local as well as national ranks.

  5. We all have (in Europe) to regret having a very little army… Good for bombing, but ineffective against riots…

    General Bigeard had said : “We soon regret to not have our five paratrooper divisions when it happen the same than “The barricades of Algiers”…

    I know he was right…

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