SCOTLAND IS PEACEFUL and will remain so. Despite the buckets of rain that have been falling, the Edinburgh Festival is drawing confident and relaxed visitors from England, who say they are glad to be where they are; and there are other visitors from around the globe, who also say, sincerely, they are happy to be in Scotland.

Two males living in Scotland attempted to incite unrest, announcing on Facebook it was now UK wide. To reassure you, THE DISTURBANCES ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN UK WIDE. The Scottish authorities stepped in fast. The two individuals are awaiting the process of the criminal justice system while in custody. Meantime, Scotland has sent specially trained groups of police officers to England to be deployed where they are considered to be most needed.

With the high human cost of the criminality and disruption, (the disruption now appears to be quelled) clear up is underway in which we have seen the wartime spirit of community. Individuals have been remarkable, some have lost their lives or been injured. A Turkish food outlet owner in N.E. London spoke of how his community defended their people and livelihoods, describing the cultural motivations that led to their self-defence. Similar drives prevailed in areas like Southall in West London and in Birmingham, sadly, where three brave ‘defenders’ died. Almost instant visual media has widely accessed the best and worst of our society for us all to see.

My hope is, that the beautiful spirit of community that so many people of all ethnic groups are demonstrating, will be constructively harnessed for good, and be supported in every constructive way possible. Politicians, unfortunately, have a history and a habit of getting in the way!



  1. Thank goodness Scotland didnt have these troubles :yes: the only thing I found so heartning was how people rallied around helping one another with the clean up and supporting one another 🙂

  2. If goodwill isn’t abused and hijacked, there is every chance the genie can be harnessed to better things. It has been great to see the rallying spirit.

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