I thought about photographing the burnt black and torn leaves of my nasturtium plants, the bowed bunches of chives and my urn-shaped strawberry pot, being used for a bit of floral colour rather than soft fruit. What is extruding from the urn looks pretty sorry for itself.

Then I changed my mind about creating pictorial evidence of the havoc wreaked on my plants, because of the storms and the torrents of rain that ripped through this area last weekend. Instead, I started to tidy up my salad and herb patch as best I could in between more showers of rain.

Meantime, on the washing line, where washing swayed in the wind this afternoon while the weather looked deceptively promising, the towels got damp and the bedding ended up as wet as it was when originally pegged out to dry. It could have been worse, the washing could have been wetter.

(A wash – not today’s – drying in the wind one day).

Rotary Line + laundry


  1. It’s amazing how different the weather can be just a mere 2 or 300 miles apart. We have had our driest summer for years. Mind you, I’ve been feeding, topping and watering our tomatoes and they are still very small and very green. The apples are perfect but I doubt we’ll see a red tomato.

  2. According to the weather men, the 2011 seasons have been disappointing with low temperatures and I suppose, in many areas, much needed rain. the English reservoirs are relatively healthy at the moment, I believe.

    Slow growth and late flowering have been features of gardening where I live, mostly due to the ongoing low temperatures. It doesn’t stop heavy rainfall and storms visiting us. I sometimes think we are seeing and feeling the tail end of hurricanes and other weather patterns from across the pond.

  3. Chez nous ils devients tous gelée. I sincerely hope we have a kinder Winter than the last two. We have rain in all seasons. En le Nord d’Ecosse, les formes de temps est different que chez vous.

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