Now here’s a story; it is a true story I heard about from from someone who was there.

A local man approaching his 90th birthday died last week. Plans were well in hand for the deceased’s 90th birthday celebration, which, would have been this week.

The relatives arranged for a graveside service, a rarity here, these days. The coffin was respectfully and with local tradition, lowered into the grave by the people selected to take the cords with which to do it.

Just as the minister stopped speaking, a man stepped forward, saying he would like to speak. He approached the edge of the grave and stated to the group of assembled mourners, “I bought Peter a bottle of ten years old single malt whisky to give him for his birthday”. So saying, the mourner then revealed the bottle, opened it, and to everyone’s utter amazement, poured the golden liquid contents over the casket.



0 thoughts on “WHAT A SEND OFF!

  1. D’accord, le single malt whisky de 10 ans est bon, mais il est le minimum temps de le proces d’ age, donc, une connoisseur des whisky, le trouve pas mal l’action. De ma part, je pense il est le tribut finale d’un bon ami.

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