Memory Cards-Focus-Retrieval

I took some pictures today and was rather too quick to delete a couple off the memory card. I reckoned as I had taken some others from a different view point, I didn’t really require those I filtered out.

There is soft focus and —well—not soft focus. One picture, with a bit of tweaking, I could make something of, the other one, all you could say is, the focus is great for the background, really nicely sharp. Grrrreat when what I wanted was a sharp-ish foreground.

The 8Gb memory card is being scanned by an undelete programme for Mac, (I hope) as I do other jobs and write. It is taking ages. I was rather hoping it wouldn’t take too long, as I did format the card before this most recent photographic dabble.

The formatting is another story.

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0 thoughts on “Memory Cards-Focus-Retrieval

  1. The finale is that I could not download a free-to-use, undelete programme (not even for one or two uses) from the internet for my imac. It is possible to find programmes for Microsoft platforms, I have done that in the past when I had a Microsoft machine and I needed to rescue pictures, just once.

    The programme I used for Mac found the pictures I wanted, but I couldn’t save them without first paying for the whole programme, which was expensive. It was not worth it for two pictures. I wouldn’t get value for the cost of the software with the rare occasion that I might have to retrieve a picture.

  2. Neither of those descriptions apply Nadine.

    Apple do not produce their own picture retrieval software for SD memory cards. There are not many third party developers who write a programme for Apple machines, so, those that do, can charge whatever price they wish for the software. I can understand it and I don’t have any problem with it. The problem is mine. I do not need to have software that is not cheap, that I might only need once or twice.

    Because there are a lot of third party programme writers in the Microsoft domain, those developers have competition and can offer a trial use for their programme, which would have been enough for me. There are also some good freeware undelete programmes that can be found for Microsoft, if you don’t need lots of extras and refinements; (we say colloquially, ‘if you don’t need all the bells and whistles’).

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