A wedding dance! That’s an evening ‘do’, or, celebrating knees up style the rite of passage of the happy couple, which happens after all the rituals of the feeding of the masses and the speeches from the close few. While the hall was being re-arranged for the evening celebrations and dance, dad of the bride proudly gave me a tour of his hi-tech speech prompt, an iPad.

The bride, with her glorious figure and her dancer’s deportment carried herself beautifully. The groom was a classic picture in his dress kilt. The wee flower girls, dressed in white party clothes, must have been fed with ‘bounce’. They stole the show. In the late evening snack interval, half of the local pipe band rendered high quality traditional entertainment with bagpipes and drum.

Today’s Post: Because I have been a loyal customer, for forty years or more, to reward me for my loyalty, the insurance company are waiving any further premiums on my policy. There is a clause called new provisions and conditions written in insurance-speak. I was meant to pay the premiums up to 2013, except if death intervened a bit earlier. Reminder to self to contact the insurers to clarify what it means. Whatever, it is a saving of money. It stays in my purse.

Uncannily, the second letter was marketing funeral cost insurance with a plan called Dignity. I have already covered myself, or rather, sorted out the meeting of costs for those who have to deal with my mortal remains and pay for an appropriate send off for me. However, there was a free pen being offered if you made enquiries.

One noticeable point about these particular Dignity funeral plan details, the wording was not deviously constructed like another mailshot I received for the same plan from Age UK. the literature was straight to the point. As it should be.



  1. Good News…..Excellent! I pictured that wedding dance…:lalala:
    Funeral Plans? :yes: both of us have them…here at home!
    Wish ‘my’ Insurance would do that for me…..:roll: 😉

  2. Do they do they still do Scottish dancing at weddings over the border hope they do they look really fun 😉 I havent got a funeral plan my children know that they can access my account to pay for funeral expenses and also told them dont spend too much either 😉

  3. The insurance I no longer have to pay for cost a nominal annual amount over the time. I purposely set it up to ensure that no-one had to fork out what they could ill-afford in those days for dealing with my mortal remains – remember Lilian, we were not living in the lap of wealth as some would have it, just because we were baby boomers – and it was not a specific funeral plan. A funeral plan has never been the only way to prepare for the inevitable, whenever it comes.

    Reminding people that they should think about funerals or disposal arrangements is no bad thing. There is no doubt that there is a cynical drive to target those who are believed to have funds.

    Scottish Dancing, oh yes, a wedding over the border is not one without traditional dances. It’s your equivalent of Barn Dancing, not that it is a pre-requisite at English weddings. Strip-The-Willow is one dance I keep well away from. There’s usually a mix of dances but, always some Scottish dancing.

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