The boat was hiked out of the water, along with other small boats, as protection against the effects of the threatened tail end of Hurricane Katia. At the end of August, there was havoc in the small harbour when the sea swell, the winds, strong tides and the torrents of rain pulled larger boats from their anchors and small open boats were in difficulties with the copious amounts of rain that fell. One such small boat was pulled out to sea, never to be sighted again. Thus, we battened down the hatches, here at home too, as best we could, and waited for the storm.

We appear to have been in the eye of the storm, and apart from a breezy day and night, and down pourings of rain in a windless morning, today, we have, this time, been spared.


The cleaning of this boat is almost complete. Then, a protective cover will be put over the boat while it is in ‘dry dock’.


0 thoughts on “WHERE DID IT GO?

  1. Best place for it as well. We had flaking tiles flying around yesterday and the recycling wheelie bins taking themselves for walkies before emptying their contents all over the road. I spent 20 minutes sweeping broken glass up and chasing bean tins and plastic milk cartons up and down the road. This morning was calm but it’s really blustery again now with sheets of rain coming down the valley like snowstorms. Our apple tree must be made of rubber or something, it’s bending almost horizontal at times.

  2. It sounds like you have been getting, weatherwise, what we were preparing for. We’re used to seeing trees horizontal, together with their generally distorted growth. Fruit trees, like most ordinary trees for your neck of the woods, are a rarity here.

    Hope all is well otherwise.

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