Every time I thought it would be a good time to get some washing done thus far today, it clouded over and really heavy showers pelted down. Now, there is every sign of a further repetition and I can feel the temperature has dropped.

Try as I might to be economic with fuel, I think I shall be doing piles of washing at the end of this week to dry off in the tumble dryer. Two smaller washes are already doing their ‘thing’ over radiator airers.

the weather forecaster I saw and listened to yesterday, described the day to come,(today) as “A usable day“. Usable, for what?



0 thoughts on “USABLE?…….FOR WHAT?

  1. Useable for some lol 🙄
    On a positive note , 30 minutes of tumble drying probably uses the same amount of electricity as 30 minutes of ironing but requires less effort . I seldom iron .



  2. I like this rationalisation.

    The trouble is Mira, that some things that are tumble dried need ironing, even if they are taken out damp to finish off on an airer. These might be items I would not need to iron if they were able to dry outside on the line. I’ll just have to acquire some sit-upon ironing ‘muscle’.

  3. The mind certainly boggles at the non-scientific description about the weather patterns. As for laundry, it certainly does beckon through quantity, and no dry weather to dry it off with.

  4. Ugh! I cannot think of anything more uncomfortable…wearing wet clothes in cool – cold weather. In a hot climate like that of southern France, it would be a very good idea.

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