Which one do you want, the round one or the straight one?”……


“The round one, or the straight one?”, she repeated with indications this time.

You’ll never guess what I had requested.



0 thoughts on “ANY ANSWERS

  1. :)) that would be most unusual….

    As you are giving it a lot of thought, I will tell you. I wanted a croissant. They come in two sizes in this shop, large and small. Croissants are generally shaped like curved horns. When I looked at the ones for sale, none of them, (big or small) were straight, they were all curved.

  2. Celui que je prefere de la patissiere ici, onts moyen du buerre etc de dans que quelques autres. I do not buy them often. The croissants I have eaten in France and those made in French bakeries here, are nice to eat as a special treat.

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