Selected perspectives of Granada in midwinter:

You can click on the photos to enlarge them

A roof line at The Alhambra Palace with a stunningly forceful sky as a backdrop.

P1000188 Alhambra rooftops

The fine detail of design work on a pillar. Wherever you looked there was beautiful pattern work. On walls, in particular, these finishes seem to have been the equivalent of our decorative wallpaper. It is possible to see how the patterned surfaces could be removed and replaced/refreshed with other designs. Undoubtedly, the artisans had a real pride in what they produced.

P1000174 Nasris Palace

How timeless this Moorish floor tile pattern in the Alhambra Palace is.


The contrasts of Granada in Winter. The nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, which are smoothly carpeted in deep snow and bathed in sunshine, provide a winter sports playground. In the town people live and work, visitors explore while enjoying the sun and the midday warmth.

P1000224 Snowy Sierra Nevada

In a courtyard that was a contemplative part of a religious house, there are artisans showing and selling their work.


Inside the house there is a Bélen, one of many finely made nativity scenes that are well supported with visitors, and families with excited children. Perhaps because it is a Mediterranean depiction, the characterisations are more realistic to the Middle East than the religious artistic representations you see in galleries and churches in other parts of Western Europe.


The pomegranate tree in the courtyard is pregnant with ripe and over-ripe fruit. some are dramatically splitting. The fruit tree adds to the delight of this little corner of Granada.

P1000272 Granada Pomegranates split



  1. Nice pictures and interested the place. You went there. I always want go there. I heard it is a beautiful place especially a wonder world of the mosque. But it’s very expensive to fly though. I thought it would be cheapest. It’s Europe. Huh?

  2. The Alhambra is very special as is the medieval area of Granada. There are very many amazing and surprising corners and angles to the city of Granada. Having visited Top Kapi previously, I was able to not only compare but very much contrast the two places.

  3. Your sister knew a thing or two about special places, and the Alhambra is certainly one of those very special places.

    I had the benefit of visiting Top Kapi a couple of years before I visited the Alhambra, where the Turkish historical experts had created a useful information centre, and also where comparisons were made with the two fortresses. The comparisons are certainly there and both places have remarkable corners in history.

    The Alhambra should be at the top of your ‘to do leisure list’ or very close it, in my view. 🙂

    Thanks for your comments.

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