Don’t they love the sound of their own voices. Don’t they hate a story that produces some better news than they wanted to hear. Don’t they love spending time on prurient irrelevancies when there are really important weightier concerns around to hear about.

We are hardly short of noteworthy news in all its forms at the present time. Instead, as there is a court judgement given that is favourable to the media, what do we get, a headline and discussion on someone’s private life, because it gives the media a chance to indulge in a ‘holier than thou’ frenzy of righteousness.

Meantime, a relatively good news story, the decisive yes vote in the German Parliament supporting Euro emergency funds gets the ‘if it [the vote] had gone the other way’ treatment, which it decisively did not, ‘there would have been ruination’. Well, Armageddon did not make a visitation today and the media did not get the story that they had so hyped up and hoped to report on.

There are three other world stories:

One is about a pastor in Iran who is threatened with the death penalty for his Christian faith. The death penalty will be lifted if he renounces his Christian beliefs. The penalty meted, is outwith the state and Sharia laws. It sounds like exemplary and dangerous posturing.

The second major concern is the sentencing to hefty terms of imprisonment of Bahrain medical staff who treated injured people at the time of the protests there. As far as could be seen, the nurses and doctors were performing humanitarian acts to save people’s lives. That’s what they are trained to do. Many protested about the types of injuries they saw appearing in the emergency units. The apparent silence from the Americans, Europe and the UK on this issue is shameful.

And another little matter of some interest. Rev.Desmond Tutu invited the Dalai Lama to his Birthday party in South Africa. The South African Government have a delegation in China at present. The Dalai Lama’s visa request to attend the celebration is now on the back burner….no guesses needed as to why. The retired Archbishop is not at all amused by the political antics. There were no blocking tactics, in the past, when The Dalai Lama was invited to the South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s celebrations.



  1. How true it is that the media will downplay stories that don’t fit their view of the necessary level of hype.

    I am glad you highlighted the Iranian pastor. This is true persecution.

  2. One lone voice, Gillyk, is not going to achieve much, though I hope it will serve to support the other voices working on the issues mentioned.

    Religious persecution is never far from the surface, is it.

  3. Who or what is CSI. GillyK? All I can find is crime scenes, (potentially apt I suppose).

    I sincerely hope that the Iranians won’t turn their usual impaired hearing to the sounds of concern.

  4. It took me a long time… but I am learning now to cut down on my exposure to the news media. I think it’s addictive… and much of it is propaganda.

  5. We have been on diet of minimal exposure to news print for ages. I nearly bought a paper today. It was up high and quite weighty with all its supplements. I put it back and felt justified in my actions. I do keep abreast of salient news matters insofar as one can. That varies of course with regional and global interest.

    The radio and TV news is seriously lacking too, as my post indicates.

    Thanks for your comment.

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