“You have been locked out of your account”. The heart sinks. I have got all the numbers and whatever else is wanted for getting into the darn thing. It says it is my account I have been locked out of, and it is mine, I know it is. Once before, when there was some kind of software tweaking, the customer had the joy of finding out there was another incarnation of identification for access, only when attempting access. The inevitable happened, I was locked out and had the inconvenient performance of going through a telephone system and its interminable menus.

Then there’s all the hanging around paying to hear unwanted ghastly tinny sounds which are apologies to music, and the intermittent “thank you for your patience, your call is important to us” It wears thin, in fact it wears out.

There’s always some bother with this online account, which puts me off using it. Once I do get access sorted and get into it, this will be the very last time I will let it beat me. I shall close it!

>:-[ :wave:



  1. At times like that I would be chewing the carpet, Menhir. Accessing anything is almost impossible for me at the moment since the numbers no longer work on my keyboard and my voice recognition software appears to have gone away, probably for a torrid weekend in Brighton. Maybe it’s run away with your banking server or something….;)

  2. Love torn servers and software….there’s got to be an afternoon play in that! :))

    My floors would give me splinters if I tried chewing them. I’m not sure a dog would enjoy it either. At the present time, I am superbly suppressing my feelings,(if I say so myself) even divorcing myself from them, for my personal safety’s sake. I’m not sure a gasket would operate fast enough if I allowed myself to explode.

    Sounds like you could use a new keyboard Tylluan. Can you obtain one similar to the keyboard you are used to?

  3. I followed the issue through today….it got worse and worse. Am now at official complaint point. I hate certain particular financial institutions, more than others.

  4. There is no subscriber in the number for which you asked…
    Our standard being blocked, please call back later…
    For your account type 1,
    To sign a contract type 2,
    For information type 3,
    To return at the beginning of the menu type 4
    To have a real person type 5
    To have medicines against the nervous breakdown type 6
    To buy a firearm type 7…

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