The weather forecaster mentioned the dreaded Winter “S” word last night, (October 3rd) taking me and the news presenter totally off guard. She exclaimed in long drawn out breathy shocked vocal sounds, “S–N–O–Wwww! And I jerked out of my chair exclaiming “SNOW!” in a higher pitch and in unison with her. 8|

There have been really heavy sleet-filled showers today and there is a definite nippy edge to the blustery wind. Is this the weather that is the precursor of what is to come, what we have been led to wait for and expect this week. :-/

My snow tyres have been promptly put on order. :.



  1. A quick departure of the white stuff and its cold cousin, ice, would be highly desirable.

    I hope not too many people have put in early bird snow tyre orders.

  2. We haven’t had 27C or anything like it here at home. I think the warmest might have been around 17C one day. Our weather hasn’t been anything to write home about. Middle and Southern England have had the bonus weather.

  3. Yesterday it was 27°c and Friday was 29°c according to my door thermometer. Tonight it is chilly. The cat’s claimed the back bed as it’s own after a summer of sleeping in the shed, I’ve just repositioned her onto a silk runner, it’s easier to get the hairs off!

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