According to a community newsletter, a retired man of the cloth is offering enlightenment with aspects of philosophical thinking. But, is he? As I was wheeling my trolley around the grocery store, I was silently debating about whether to come out of the closet of greyness and participate. Turning into a new aisle, I bumped into the man himself.

“Oh“, says I, “I was just thinking about you“.

Retired man’s bushy eyebrows rose in a mix of surprise and I thought I detected a glimmer of alarm. After all, we did not know each other from any regular community contact or distant friendship. I sensed a quick explanation was called for.

I said quickly, “I read you were interested in developing a philosophy group”

He visibly relaxed and with a drawn out “Ye-e-s” he explained he was thinking about throwing a quote into the arena, which he thought might be more at the level of ethics than pure philosophy. At the height of the recent riots, he explained, someone described the rioters and looters as ‘feral rats’

Exhaling with a long “So-o-o“,the ex-man of the cloth said, “if we examine the meaning of feral, as it relates to animals, do we get into the nature or nurture argument”? 8|

I’m still thinking….any ideas ❓ 💡


0 thoughts on “NO GAS OR GAITERS.

  1. Well … no. :)) Except that ‘feral’ means ‘wild’ which is an accurate description of non-domestic animals … but that’s not clever, funny or thought-provoking. Hmm. I’ll just get my hat.

  2. My hat is on, and not greatly expanding at the moment. It is food for thought, which of course, is what it is meant to be. Ex-min will have had masses more learning in the art of logic, ethics and philosophy than plebs like me.

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