Liam Fox, Oliver Letwynd and Pooh Bear

In part, I can understand the muted responses at this point in time to Liam Fox’s political behaviour. The internal Government enquiry is incomplete. His resignation does not and should draw a line under the matter. It is too serious for that. Meantime the other party foxes are creeping out of the lair to bark for replacement ministerial representation for their views in the Cabinet. :>>

Even without knowing the full story of the money trails, there is substantial evidence that Liam Fox was running a parallel government office while in senior office (more like a parallel government) and he was Emperor of the domain. If it is so, it could be construed as treasonable behaviour. This behaviour would not be tolerated by many left or right wing governments across the globe. What information has been given light of day so far, has been publicly described as fit for a Courts Martial if Fox were a military man,(14th November 2011, BBC Radio 4 Any Questions).

Meantime, this week in a public park near Downing Street, where he has his office, we have another Government Minister, Oliver Letwynd disposing into the park bins, or, into an opened plastic rubbish sack, correspondence from his constituents and also copy government papers. Oliver Letwynd is described as cerebral, but, I do wonder what planet he is living on and where he has left at least half of his brain.

Has Oliver Letwynd not heard of security and the Data Protection Act? He clearly did not treat any of the material with the respect and confidentiality it required and deserved. Surely, he is not so physically weak that he cannot walk the short distance to the office with the batch of papers following his regular sojourn in the park. If he collected his papers from the office to work on them in the park, (or anywhere else) then it is conceivable, following his little rest, the Minister, who is quite a young man, could gather up all the papers then trot back into his office with them. A request can be made to his staff, (if there are staff left following all the redundancies in the Civil Service) to appropriately dispose of the papers. If that is not feasible, the Minister himself should be trained in his office ethics and housekeeping .

The beleaguered Minister, appears to be liked across the parties. If he lies low, and his constituents don’t create too much fuss, which, after the cavalier fashion in which their communications have been treated, they do have a right to do, he might just be able to totter on and become invisible again.

Likeable Pooh Bear comes to mind….the bear with half a brain. Oh dear!


0 thoughts on “Liam Fox, Oliver Letwynd and Pooh Bear

  1. Lying, cheating and stealing it appears is embedded in the typical Tory DNA. Still I have yet to meet anyone who will own up to voting for them. A 23% overall national vote is not a lot and given that 68% of the populace of South Yorkshire still voted Labour even after the near farce Brown reduced the Labour party to, I’m hardly likely to unless I buy a horse and start show jumping.

  2. Do I understand Mick, that you will vote Labour if you buy a horse and start show jumping, or, will you have to do the same thing to vote Tory?

    Most senior politicians learn to cheat and lie, some are schooled in it better than others. It appears that in the final analysis, the allowance of this behaviour becomes a matter of degree. We should never become immune to it as the boundaries are constantly pushed and strained.

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