Where are they? It’s a bit dark in the cupboard for seeing exactly what is hooked on the keys board. Though, I should be able to see a distinctive, large square fluorescent green fob even in a half light. Oh Blast! Just my luck keys have dropped onto the floor, or into boots. There’s no choice, I have to get down onto my hands and knees to pull out the boots to feel around the floor. My head is amongst the bottoms of coats seeking out those keys. Just as I reach for a boot to shake, the other hand pushes against the set of keys…but not the ones I am looking for.

Of course, everything I have taken out has to be put back, keys and all. But, I still don’t have the keys I want; where are they? I ask hubby if he has seen them. We will need those keys. The keys are entrusted to us to visit a house some distance away. As we are due to make another visit to the house soon to ensure it’s set up for the Winter, I am sorting out in advance, (just as well) what we need to take with us for our stay. We cannot get into the house without the keys; they have to be found.

Distinctive key fob without the keys went walkabout with hubby once before. The entrusted house keys were difficult to find. When they were, I urged hubby to restore the keys to the distinctive fob and commit to memory the purpose behind the keys on that fob. Would you believe it, I find it hard to do so, but hubby did it again. >:XX Only this time, all the keys were split up and there was no sign of the fluorescent green fob. We think we have identified the main keys, but we are unsure about the back door key, which if all else failed, was our alternative entry into the house. At tea time, hubby triumphantly showed me the distinctive key fob, or one like it.




  1. Funny. I’ve found keys inside boots before now. It doesn’t matter what I drop, it always bounces under the cabinet and I have to get down on my hands and knees to get it. Especially keys.
    Astrid had a fob which responded to whistling by emitting five high pitched beeps. Trouble is, if I put music on or the TV and the damn fob beeped all night long picking up any sound with the right pitch. Drove me mad. I hate electrical noises anyway unless they are transmitting music or speech. It went in the bin and we reverted to the time honoured method of trying to put them back where we got them from every time. We’ve never lost any keys yet but always forget to take the keys for the house in Holland and have borrow Gerrit’s set and get more cut over there. We’ve got 6 sets now. With the foresight of hindsight, Gerrit had a set specially cut this time, and true to form, we had forgotten ours.

  2. Keys take on a wobbly life of their own don’t they. We forgot these particular keys once, fifty miles down the road. There was nothing for it, but to return and get them. that is why, I now seek them out well beforehand to ensure we have them with us. A noisy key fob might be an answer for hubby, but not for me.

    I wonder what it is that makes you forget your other house keys most trips?

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