The leaflet for last posting dates to guarantee Christmas delivery has not reached our main post office. Has anyone seen it yet?

Last dates for posting for surface mail to Australia was the 19th September – a month ago – and how are we meant to know this, by osmosis! Oh I know, you go online, if you can, or, you queue up at a post office and request dates in July or August, and if they have the dates at that time, take a note of them.

America and Canada last surface mail date for guaranteed deliveries for the festivities was 17th October, I was told. I figured that as I had missed the guaranteed date by only two days, I could still send my printed paper, which was bound to arrive by end December, early January at the latest, or even arrive much sooner, and I save £3.48p against the airmail cost.

It’s not much good checking on dates in ‘good time’ in October, when you will have already missed the boat for some mail. Presumably, you have to have historical experience of the kind of posting schedules that may exist if you are to work with a system without visible information.


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