Anne Widdecombe, retired Conservative member of Parliament, has essentially called David Cameron and his Conservative Government hypocrites when it comes to aid overseas. She states that you’ve got more chance of being helped if you are a hedgehog than if you are a Christian.

It’s a very lively sound bite that gained some media interest, which it was meant to do, sufficient for the BBC to repeat the comment without further enlightenment, (when I heard it). I can only assume that Ms Widdecombe has in mind, mainly the persecuted Christians of Iran and Egypt. The Archibishop of Canterbury’s recent visit to Zimbabwe may be in Ms Widdecombe’s thoughts too.


0 thoughts on “CHRISTIANS – V – HEDGEHOGS

  1. I’ve not heard this, but there is something in what she says. She’s good at sound bites – and I continue to be amazed at her media popularity now she has left Parliament, despite – or maybe because of – her outspoken views.

  2. There is definitely something in what she says, which we all know won’t just refer in the wider world, to one persecuted group. However, she has taken on a faith cause that does not seem to be of media interest, or perhaps, has no current space in the media stories of the period, unless something terrible occurs and continues. This is not something anyone wants in order to create headlines and maintain a visible profile. The more Ms Widdecombe and others like her can say to keep the public mind on focus some of the time, will be helpful.

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