Blog UK Policy on Spamming ; ALL OF IT!

I do use comment moderation. However it does mean than some unacceptable content arrives on my computer via IP visitor addresses rather than from blog UK addresses. The response from Blog, received today, to one recent report I sent in is copied in its entirety below. I am posting this for everyone’s information.

It is understandable that Blog admin has to prioritise, and this reply does not cause me, personally, any angst. What it tells me is that we have to be our own censors. I believe it is worthwhile using comment moderation to block inappropriate comments and business spammers.

While we are given the option to flag up blog UK addresses, (and presumably that extends to Blog worldwide addresses too) for which I am glad, it has also been brought to attention that the flagging system does not always work…like it has been disconnected. An unreliable alert system is not ideal. However, there are other ways such as via ‘contact us’ to report undesirable postings, notwithstanding that the method can be a little more circuitous. The decision to report/flag/alert to keep this blog site healthy remains with the individual user.

Below is the response I received from Blog.

thank you for your request.

We have decided to revise our policy of blocking IPs as a spam prevention

As well as frequently resulting in valid users of our platform being
inadvertently blocked, we have also observed that it does not result in a
significant downturn in the amount of spam. This is because it is a very
simple matter for the spammer to simply access our domain from a different IP.

For these reasons, we will no longer block IPs unless they are being used for
very heavy spamming.

While we work on an alternative solution to the issue, we recommend that you
activate comment moderation so that the spam comments do not arrive on your

If spam comments are made my a registered user, please continue to bring them
to our attention by flagging their profile and/or mailing us at this address
with the username.

Kind regards Customer Support


0 thoughts on “Blog UK Policy on Spamming ; ALL OF IT!

  1. I had an almost identical response a few months ago when I was reporting every spammer. I agree: we do have to fix our own spam and using comment moderation is simple and straightforward. It does not, however, deal with the irritation occasioned by this contagion of the blogosphere!

  2. I don’t know what can be done about the ‘contagion’. Encouraging visitors isn’t going to help. Spamsters who have the means to easily get round the mass mailing as a visitor, will wise up to the disbenefits of being BCUK site users. We continue to have to be mighty watchful of site grabbers. I think it is the keen observations on this issue that have kept it at bay. (Digits remaining crossed!)

    There was an experience some years ago, which caused a mass of bloggers to protest to Blog. It produced desired results. It was something to do with blog opening the access gateways too wide allowing avalanches of smut to deluge us all.

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