We left a café overlooking a small marina this week. As I quickly glanced across the various boats and small yachts, I thought I saw a paddle boat being serviced on the harbour dock side. Mentally registering total disbelief, I peered again to see that yes, indeed, there was a high bodied hull situated alongside and just a little below an empty cable drum. It’s at times like these you realise how the eyes and the brain can play tricks by merging a boat hull and a cable drum…. and hey presto you get a paddle boat!



0 thoughts on “VISUAL TRICKERY

  1. The first capture of something that the brain registers is the one it records the sharpest. I once stalked a tree like a cat for a minute or two trying to take a photo of a green tree creeper which I HAD seen, definitely, but turned out to be a big mossy knot with some grass growing from the bottom. I swear to this day it was moving round the other side as I was moving round.

  2. It is an interesting, if not just a little odd, experience. Like you were, it left me thinking. Hubby confirmed he could see what I must have first registered, which, was at least a little comfort.

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