Spurred on with the Xmas wrapping and posting, a couple of calendars left these shores by surface mail, two days after the last posting date. (click link)

My package for Western Europe was in good time – Halloween- and I requested surface mail for it from the orange headed witch – cum – counter – clerk. After tapping her counter computer box, she informed me the rate was not available. She could not have written or read the enormous hand written last posting dates notices stuck on the counter windows. “Western Europe”, I read, “last posting date 22nd November” .

She shook her head and then there was light…”It’s right at the end of the list” she stated

The cost was £5.40p……”Really…so, how much will airmail be?” I asked, incredulously. 8|

A bit more tapping around on the counter box; obviously happy, Counter Witch had found Western Europe, she triumphantly announced…..£4.60p. It didn’t take high level maths calculations to work out that airmail was a whole £1 sterling cheaper!! I refrained from asking if transit by broomstick might be more economic.

I asked her to check the surface mail cost again. Counter-witch’s brow furrowed. A moment, and a few taps later….yes, she said, that’s right. It doesn’t make sense does it.

I opted for airmail, even if the package got to it’s destination far too early, reminding counter witch to deduct the cost of the stamp I had already stuck on the package. She forgot to do it.

Was I paying in cash…if so, the transaction data could be input and some plus and minus keys could be tapped out at the end of the sale. There was a quick explanation on how to do it from the manageress, which got muddled up. Patiently, I waited till counter-witch and I got the all-clear.



  1. The stuff for USA went off early by surface mail bar one package, which has already arrived by airmail….far too soon, but, I didn’t want to take the risk of it getting lost or such. There was quite a price difference between surface mail for the States and Canada, and Airmail. It was worth being prompt. I dislike it though, as you do.

    As for the surface-v-airmail arrangements for W. Europe, they are unfathomable to me.

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