There are a lot of obviously pregnant ewes sedately moving around the fields. These sheep are all red ‘flagged’ served at some point in September. A fair guess is, they are likely to to be producing their lambs about late January time.

Back in mid October, one very busy ram with a very bright green chest (no doubt a Celtic supporter) was given a sectioned off resting spot with lots of nice green grass and no ladies within reach to ignite his flagging energy. He did look jaded in a sheep-ish sort of way. Rear patches of green were visible on an awful lot of ewes; the ram had performed valiantly. This ram was a notable specimen from which the farmers may have high hopes of a champion or two appearing in the fullness of time. The farmers have pedigree herds and always have good specimens of both genders.


0 thoughts on “SHEEP OF MANY COLOURS

  1. Lamb pics…..I have quite a lot already and I am sure I have posted some here and there. I’ll have to see what’s in the photo albums on Blog.

    If there are any particular things about the lambs, I am likely to take more pictures.

  2. It’s a fair cop, guv’nor … I was vaguely aware last night that my comment was capable of a double interpretation … too mentally tired to work out what it was … no, I am not advocating …. oh dear, I had better stop digging.

  3. At this moment, the field is full of red bedecked ladies, not a ram in sight. You would therefore be able to take an elegant flight through the field, rough paths and gates.


  4. This Minotaur had horns, a neck that looked like rings of powerful neck muscles – they probably were – and a body to match. I hadn’t quite seen myself as Theseus.


  5. Maybe Ariadne instead – although I don’t see a ball of twine quite doing it, do you, when faced with a charging bull?

    Perhaps a little practice as a bull-leaper would be a better bet.

  6. The black sheep and the black-faced sheep can be cute, especially their lambs.

    We had a bit of conversation about sheep having huge great coloured in a variety of shades markings just at front shoulder level. That is one scheme we have not worked out yet. Could they be sheep marked for for A.I? Our neighbour does not use this system of markings, I’m not sure the rams could produce the positioning of them either!

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