It’s amazing how tags and search words throw up funny attempts at spam. I find comment moderation on my blog site has become a necessity. Many of the introductions to services I receive are not up my street, others just do not seem to connect with the post that the service offered has been attached to.

Today, I was offered unending amounts of Slendertone, a system where pads placed on specific body areas that pulse with low level electricity with the intention of getting me, you and everyone, toned up and into shape. If I had accepted what was on offer, I doubt there would be much of me left. This amazing service came through my blog post, ‘Eyes Agog, Ears Rigid’.


0 thoughts on “UNINTENDED HUMOUR

  1. I catch the so-called comments and do the same as you, but having used the word ‘tag’ I have got certain watches that sport part of term in their name, advertised on my site. I’ll have to look at my ad blocker.

  2. Oh yes, I see what you mean. I’ve noticed ads suddenly appearing on my blog – is that the result of the tags? I hadn’t realised – I must watch that. Very irritating, but nothing I can do unless I pay to prevent further ads. Which I will not do.

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