It was a pleasant chat with the representative from St Martins-In-The Field; the best bit of all was when he said he had no time for certain other charities that mobbed and bothered for donations and persisted in various ways to obtain more donations from their givers thereafter. He felt that his donations would be being misused, diverted away from their primary purpose.

I know about the Vicar’s Fund that St Martins is involved in all year round, a fund that can give emergency help quickly, what I did not know was that the fund is nationwide and does not stop and the Welsh,Irish, or, Scottish Borders.

The all-year work with vulnerable people and the destitute, has a great record of giving purpose and meaning to many peoples’ lives. St Martins is not just for Christmas, though as the coldest time of the year approaches and many hostels have reduced capacity, the support of St Martins is in ever greater demand.

The BBC are about to begin their annual appeal for the nationwide network of help that St Martins quietly provides. I hope they do well.

I got to thinking about “The Field”. An old picture does show the old church of St Martins surrounded by some greenery. Now it is not even a faded memory. There is no sign of it. The Church is overlooked, overshadowed even, by the Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery at the bottom of The Charing Cross Road and the busy daily life of Trafalgar Square.


(Courtesy of Wikipedia).



  1. When I’m in London, having lunch with friends in the crypt is my preferred option! So many people helped, so consistently, professionally and quietly, for so many years. Blessings upon them!

  2. Hi,

    Many people tell me the same as you have, and in the same words. In all my years of living in London and being there as a visitor, I never went inside the church. I must do it, perhaps go to one of their concerts.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I have eaten in the Crypt of St Paul’s, I have had refreshment in the most unlikely places not far from St Martins, but, I have never been in to St Martins for anything. It is a ‘must do’ on my list when I next visit London.

    I would love to hear a concert at St Martins. The man I spoke to described the acoustics as being similar to St Bride’s on Fleet Street, where I have heard music played just this year! He waxed lyrical about Baroque music sounding particularly good, (in a Baroque Church ?).

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