The headline of a Northern Scottish Newspaper, the Press and Journal, stated “Winds 165 MPH”. Under this startling factoid, (and I have no doubt that it was carefully placed) was a picture of a couple at a place where sea spray could be seen dropping over the esplanade. The couple were looking a bit blown about, not best dressed for the situation, and in a risky place for the conditions. But, to protect themselves from the elements, they were pictured holding a completely intact umbrella!

Yeah right….


0 thoughts on “SCOTTISH WINDS 165 MPH.

  1. Desperation is blasting through the headline writers and the newspapers that use what they compose.

    Do you think there could be some confusion between Polar Bears and Pandas blasting in on our shores?

    Sure, we have been hurricane bound, storm blasted and gale ridden with mini snowballs for added interest, it is and has been fearful. No umbrella in this kingdom would have stood up to any of it!

    I hear the railway technicians checking the rail lines, have found on them, amongst other debris, two sheds and a trampoline.

  2. Friends are without power, they have a clump of trees, one of which keeled over and rested on the power line to their property.

    Other people have structural damage. People have decanted temporarily to where others have power. Roads have been blocked and rail lines affected. Two sheds and a trampoline amongst other debris have been landed on the lines by the hurricane level winds. Bus systems have tried their best to provide transport where they could.

    So far, we’ve had minor issues.

    Thanks for your concern Suzee.

  3. Do you think that’s what the paper was trying to do, lighten up the dire situation for its readers? I agree with you.

    That would be an altruistic departure from the media norm, wouldn’t it. Totally unbelievable in fact!


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