An exhibition I recently saw did not stir me, it left me cold, with no real interest. I got to thinking about this. Is a sensible lack of connection, a lack of interest, an emotion in its own right?

A definition of emotion is …An instinctive state of mind deriving from ones circumstances, mood or relationship with others.

‘Others’ in this circumstance were inanimate objects with which I had no relationship.

‘Mood’…it was initially one of curiosity which given the circumstances, changed to one of disinterest.

Based on the definition as given, my overt experience did not qualify as emotion.


0 thoughts on “WELL, IS IT OR ISN’T IT?

  1. This is one of those cases where language lets you down. Emotion is like light. There is no true opposite, “dark” is merely a lack of light, not an object in itself.

  2. Seems to me that you could have emotions regarding expectations from the artists involved, the gallery, or the subject… the emotion could be the result of your own personal reaction to the exhibition. My guess is that if you asked, you experienced some emotion.

  3. It was the very question that you raise that got me thinking about whether I had an emotional connection with the exhibition or not. I still think not, however, it is possible, that there may have been some emotion relating to asking myself the question. It would be, in relationship terms, an emotion at the very least thrice removed, in my case, from the direct content.

    On the same theme, and in the same museum, I did have some thoughts about one exhibition hall of medals and ‘bravery’.

    Another exhibition of a 1940’s British house also engendered emotion of many kinds, including one of bemusement at the type of beds installed in a children’s bedroom, which, appeared to us to be out of keeping.

    I thought twice about visiting the Holocaust exhibition in the museum. I did enter and was very glad I did. That was a very emotional experience. I was so connected I did not realise how time passed. I had just got to the last room when an announcement was made the museum was closing. I think I would be emotionally prepared now, and able to visit Yad Vashem sometime.

    It was the overall experience of the museum that got me thinking about my disconnectedness at the early stages of the visit.

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