What do you learn about in school? I asked a year five primary school pupil. There was a long list of things learned last year and so far, this one. In history, I learned, this class was being taught about the ancient Greeks and their Olympic Games.

Do you know what the ancient Greek games were like?….

They threw the javelin, did some running,some fighting I think….

Like wrestling and boxing? I tentatively asked. ….yes, something like that.

Anything else?

Oh yes, and they threw Frisbees.




  1. This nine year old, is a great kid to talk to and has, as you see, a fertile mind, particularly when it comes to thought association!

    The ulterior motive for learning about the ancient Greeks in school, is because London is hosting the Olympic Games this year, and where this kid lives, England, and within reach of London, makes the knowing all the more relevant.

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