B A N G!

What was that!” exclaimed O.H as I jumped out of my skin and leapt back from the hob.

I straightened up and meekly replied “The gas

I had just worked out why my soup wasn’t showing signs of warming up when I thought it was simmering, there was not flame in sight; without thinking I upped the gas flow and re-lit it. the rest, as they say, is history.

It occurred to me afterwards that O.H. was remarkably contained and I was a bit disconnected. I just got on with replacing the displaced hob plates and continued making the meal.




  1. It was “Bang” or “Boum” ??? It’s not the same… :))

    I hope that was light !!! No damage ???

    It occurred to me : Once with gas, twice with gasoline…

    No eyebrow, no hair and I smelt the burned pig.

    Once on three I had also lost the hearing temporarily…

  2. Plucking eyebrows would have been another story sometime. You’re right though, there are better ways to beautify oneself!

    Thanks for your kind thoughts


  3. You really do mean you have filtered out your readers…I wasn’t sure at first who the nom de plume belonged to. There was something familiar about the style.


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