Sprog is in Austria. While we were having a chat, an Austrian flat mate barged in, interrupting our conversation. The flat mate was determined to speak and make her requests in the English language.

Flatmate wanted sprog to take stuff that was no longer required to the equivalent of a swap shop, this time, no taking, just donating. “Please”, the flat mate asked, “bring the back the bag, it is practical”.

There was a stick with no ball on the end…(don’t ask) someone else’s jumper, and the flat mate’s old underwear…..

“I have washed my underwear, but a friend told me“, said flat mate,” that if the cloth has been near any fungus it, [the underwear] must be cooked. It should be alright now, I have cooked it”.



0 thoughts on “COoKiNg WiTh FLaIR

  1. Trying to change subject – I was the sandwich between two weeping widows sharing their experiences of death of dear departed and widowhood, in their language. I started to talk in their language, about when I went out to dinner with friends and ended up with two weeping and hysterically laughing widows….why? because I had described me and my friends as eating each other.

    Simple really…… :**:

  2. You promise never to forget the mistake so as not to repeat it. The trouble is, unless you remain fairly fluent of tongue, you’re likely to forget the language let alone the grammatical error.

  3. You are right, no doubt, however, it is the opportunity to practice and with a bit of challenge, which is difficult where I am. As an alternative, I shall have to start reading and listening, probably via the internet, again.

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