The washing went out on the line yesterday including towels. Cue for rain, a breather and more rain, till it developed into vertical curtains of rain. Pity the rain did not clean the car while it teemed down upon everything. ❗

The washing was left on the line till late evening. Hubby prodded my memory about it. I wanted to leave the washing where it was, there was not much point in going to the effort of bringing it all in, especially when I knew the next day – today – was due to be a sparkling dry day. Nope, hubby wasn’t keen on leaving the laundry out so he went and unpegged it all and brought it in, telling me it needed sorting. “Yes dear”. And I sat and relaxed in my chair. :yawn:

Later, I saw that there were items drying around backs of wooden chairs. A few garments had benefitted from the dry night and were damp-ish. The towels were as heavy and wet as they originally had been and one sheet had improved from wet to damp, the other one had not.

Today, you’ve guessed, out went the washing on the line, again. The birds had a field day with the sheet, so it has been washed again. I gave up on the towels. They smell fresh, they felt very cold and they were still ever so wet. A nightie was pretty stiff. I think it has defrosted now.


0 thoughts on “BRINGING IN STIFFS

  1. Lol…so pleased your nightie is no longer stiff!!!

    You’re braver than me….I don’t bother putting it out!
    And….why does the rain NEVER clean the car, one of life’s endless mysteries!!!

  2. I would have done exactly the same. The other time when washing dries almost stiff, is in great heat – in Nigeria my washing dried so fast, I took to putting two and even three garments on top of each other on the lines, in an effort to slow down the drying process and make them less starch-like!

  3. :))

    That is amazing. Something similar occurred in the South of France. We were so taken with watching the really wet wash steam on the line the first time we experienced outside drying there. We just couldn’t believe how quickly the washing dried. But of course, coloured items also faded rather quickly as well!

  4. Knicker elastic was top of the list. I always had to buy 3 times as many knickers as normal on my leaves – I was buying 3 years ahead at a time, anyway 8|

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