Good Evening This is Robert,(Robet) Frank,(Frenk) Philip,(Fileep) Jim,(Cheem) etc

From blurb blurb blurb……. sounding ever so far away.


Blurb, Blurb,


With emphasis…. life style surveys; all sounding like an extra dollop of “W’s” have been put in for good measure.

Whichever identity announces itself, it is always around 6pm and, it seems these days, about twice a week at least.

I shall have to remember to give all evening calls the silent treatment. I did that last week and an acceptable caller was quite disconcerted by the silence. I felt bad, even though I explained the background to it. I should not have to be placed in an uncomfortable position caused by misuse of my ex-directory phone number. I guess the blighters >:XX (not the adjective I really wanted to use, though it would have started with ‘b’) use random dial-up and catch any number that answers.

What is the point of subscribing to systems that cannot filter out nuisance selling calls, whatever misnomer they are giving themselves. Grrrrrrrrr.



  1. Best to keep some ideas under wraps for exclusive use. I fancy blowing a few lengthy raspberries down the receiver. It’s not worth leaving a caller at the end of the line and blocking my own contact network, otherwise, I would do it.


  2. It’s a very tempting response, it would be good to do it for ten minutes or so. I fear I might forget I’ve left the phone hanging. It is such a pain to have to resort to unsociable strategies to deal with the nuisance, unsociable in itself.

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