Shopping in Tesco’s I saw a variety of reduced bunches of flowers in a bucket, which was hidden around a corner. Oriental Lilies normally priced up at £3 per bunch had yellow reduced stickers on them announcing they were ‘now reduced to £4.05p‘.

I pointed out the interesting pricing to a guy about to pick up a bunch of the reduced flowers. To my surprise, he asked ………

is that good?

Realisation suddenly dawning…….oh no, of course it’s not…. 😳

and he quickly went on his way.

The Customer Services person just couldn’t believe what I was telling her…..come I’ll show you, I said. …..Oh no! she exclaimed on seeing the ‘reduced’ flowers, and she promptly found another bunch to add to the number. Armed with armfuls of flowers she marched off saying…..right there’ll be some banging of heads together :-/

I wonder if they’ll get reduced :>>



  1. :)) Glad you spotted their deliberate mistake!

    I do have some difficulty with the way some of the supermarkets try and persuade us to buy more. Which is the one that says ‘helping you spend less every day’ ? What a nonsense that is! Don’t know where to start – or rather, I do, but I’d better not start!

  2. Tesco’s went down the route of prices down in store, according to their in-store posters and a letter mailed to their customers – it must have cost a bomb to send out such a huge mailshot -then I heard about other chain stores allegedly doing something similar but offering it differently. Most of the mumbles I heard about the mailshot were of suspicious shoppers, like me I must admit, and in my case, my shopping requirements went up in cost. If I bought all the stuff that is said to be bad for you, I could have got some lower price tags. Nothing’s a bargain if you don’t and can’t use it.

    We don’t have access to most of the other main food stores, so I cannot really say who else played the same type of game. End of year figures suggested some did it more expertly than others.

    You’ve got me started…here I shall pause!

    Whatever happened to supervision. About pricing errors; some stores are worse than others for it. To be honest though, some of the stores I do go to, are better at avoiding stupid mistakes now, there was a time……….

  3. The grammar is unbelievably awful. Quality control is at issue there, but then, so are the quality controllers. They have no ability to spot a mistake,nor does the customer; not us, the business for whom the advertising is developed. Catch 22

  4. Oh, good heavens…the poor guy must have been so embarrassed when he realized what he’d asked…Tescos did badly this year in profits, which actually I found quite surprising because we use the new Tesco’s Express in Bournemouth during the warm months when we go in there for a day out, and some of their cut priced items because of sell by dates have been excellent…check those out first then buy any essentials that we can’t buy in Lidl’s…:) GBHs..XXX

  5. You are not alone.
    Tesco were flogging minced meat 300g packs 3 for a tenner labelled up as Special Offer.
    Further on in the beef racks, the individual 300g packs were on sale at £2.95 each. Even more bizzare, in the “bargain shelves” the £2.95 packs which were nearing their sell by dates, were taped together in twos and relabelled at £6.00. I pointed it out to a lady with a Tesco badge on but to be honest might as well have been explaining particle physics and cloud chambers to Wayne Rooney.

  6. Exactly my hunting habits these days and probably a lot of other like-minded people.

    The guy was was not anxious to catch my eye as we passed each other around the store; I respected his embarrassment.

  7. Yeah, Wayne Rooney wouldn’t have done much would he.

    I’ve noticed the ‘sales’ and ‘reduction’ shelves (not to be confused with the reductions on chill counter shelves) are not worth pursuing. They are set to confuse, or have been set up by confused staff who do a good job of confusing everyone else. I sometimes look at them to see what daftness is on display. You have to question this nonsense in terms of the the gullible customer who may make it worth it for the store sales. :**:

  8. I have always been a careful shopper for all sorts of things. You have to be, if you’re not profligate, and when budgets have to meet a variety of demands.

  9. We are, the younger generation doesn’t seem to be…have noticed they tend to spend an enormous amount on food each week…and are rather snooty about people who buy carefully…:) GBHs…XXX

  10. I was chatting to a young very busy mum about shopping experiences. She rushes around stores to get her groceries not really taking notice of package sizes and quantities nor price changes. It was not an understatement to say that she was subdued after I related what I had found on my shopping trips. After some thought, she said she would keep an eye on a few regular items in her shopping basket. I don’t know if she will, there are a lot on calls on her time.

    More generally, your observation is about right. Without considering reasons for the generational differences, I do believe that circumstances are going to force more circumspection in purchasing habits.


  11. We have found some excellent bargains in the reduction shelves in Tesco’s express in Bournemouth, mainly lamb…what was selling for £19 or a similar price in Lidl’s, which is where we do most of our shopping, I bought the same thing, same weight and just within the sell by date a leg of lamb for £5…and lamb cutlets equally reduced well down and which we thoroughly enjoyed consuming both, froze both when we got home and they were fine when we ate them when we wanted to…can’t afford lamb normally…:) You obviously have to be careful, but I think it’s more careless labelling than intent to dupe…

  12. There is a differentiation between the ordinary open shelf reductions and the type you can obtain on the chill counter shelves. See reply to mick-m above.

    I have had worthwhile shopping from the chilled reductions.
    Like Mick-m, I too, have seen the ‘odd’ pricing of reduction items on open shelves, in a number of Tesco’s stores, not just one nearby one. There does seem to be a certain theme in these displays.


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